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    I just purchased a lot of African hardwood for a prayer. I needs resawing, so I used it as an excuse to finally buy a good bandsaw. I chose the BS1400 from HD. While the price was good, the salesman didn't know jack. He told me a fence was included. It wasn't. WHere is the best place to pick up a tall fence?

    I am thinking about adding the 6" riser. With the riser, what size of blade do I order? I would like to go to the 3/4" max width and I would guess it would be 105" blade. With the 12" is there a lot more blade wandering?



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    African HW depending on the type is much harder than most domestic HW. Before you get too deep in expenses you may want to try cutting some by making a simple wooden fence clamped to the table. To be fair to the saw get a good 3 TPI Timberwolf blade and see how it rips your wood, now if you add the riser block and resaw wood twice as wide it will require more than 2X slower feed rate. You may now find that a 3/4 HP motor is too small for the task at hand. The delta uses the same size blade as the Ridgid and here are the spec for the delta with the riser
    Maximum: 106"
    Minimum: 103 1/2"
    Standard: 105"


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      The 3/4 HP motor IS NOT made for resawing. If you are going to do curves on thick stock, say for legs of some sort, fine. If you are going to cut 10" slabs into boards, you'll frustrate the heck out of yourself, and probably damage the machine.

      Hint: Grizzly Outlet Store has several motors made by Emerson on a clearence basis. I am looking at a 2hp model to adapt to mine. Draw back is the 2C price tag on it. I know for less than 1C at HF I can get one that works, but...(and all that goes with discount motors).

      Emerson meets standards, and specs. So, 2 hp IS 2hp, and reliable. I make a swing on 200 for a motor, not 2M for a resaw machine at this time.

      John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>