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3612TS - motor sticking out the back?

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  • 3612TS - motor sticking out the back?

    Does the motor of the 3612 stick out the back of the saw?

    Thanks, Aaron

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    No further than any other belt drive cantractors saw............
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      Yes it does stick out the back some... Here is a link to a picture of the motor on my TS2424:

      You will also see my home made dust collection cover adhered with Velcro…

      Hope this helps...
      Regards,<br /><br />Big Johnson<br /><br />Pictures: <a href=\" gallery&file=index&include=view_album.php\" target=\"_blank\"> gallery&file=index&include=view_album.php</a>


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        I believe it's about 10 1/2" or so from the back fence rail.


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          The motor does stick out and I hate it. But I finally figured out that was the difference between a $600 contractor saw and a cabinet saw costing 2-3 times as much.

          If you are worried about a garage shop (like me), I found that I can move the saw to the back corner, motor sticking out, and it is close enough to the back wall to allow the cars to come home.

          The other pain is the 2 inch step at the back of every garage floor. It is hard to get the saw up that step - it takes a fairly long ramp.

          But I LOVE the 3612! And would do it again in an instant.