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Gunstock carving

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  • Gunstock carving

    My first time posting in this woodworking forum. Hope this is okay?

    I finally got started on carving my son's gunstock Monday. I carved mine first almost 2 years ago to make sure I could do this for him. You can check it out here, towards the bottom of the page (click the images for a larger view).

    Just lack a whole bunch of sanding and clearcoat. Have around 30-35 hours in this so far. I figure another 5 to 10 hours of sanding.

    I wiped mineral spirits on this for the rest of these photos, just to get an idea how it will look clearcoated.

    The pattern I made up, for comparison.

    Had a hard time with this shallow of a carving, got used to going really deep on a nightstand carving I did a while back. Deepest point is around 5/32" deep.

    Not sure I'm thrilled with the grass areas, might have to try to tone that down a bit when I sand.

    After sanding the carvings I will sand the whole stock with 600 grit. I plan to spray this with automotive clearcoat. I talked to my paint rep, and he said they have some flatting compound I can add to the clear. Should make it about the same sheen as is/was on it. I didn't take the finish off anywhere but where the carvings are.

    What do you think?

    Thanks ~Mike

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    Re: Gunstock carving

    Gorgeous work! Welcome to the forum!


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      Re: Gunstock carving

      Really nice work. It would be a shame to tote that around the woods and risk a ding or dent.

      Welcome to the forum.


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        Re: Gunstock carving

        Wow!! Nice work.


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          Re: Gunstock carving

          I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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            Re: Gunstock carving

            Very nice work and welcome to the forum.

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              Re: Gunstock carving


              Thats Beautiful work. Very COOL.


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                Re: Gunstock carving

                Your going to make a great addition to our forum, glad your here. Your work is outstanding. Takes a lot of patience to do carving, well done....
                Great Link for a Construction Owner/Tradesmen, and just say Garager sent you....


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                  Re: Gunstock carving

                  Beautiful work indeed!

                  Very nice to have you on the forum, and hope you stick around. Your work is an inspiration and I'd love to see a lot more.

                  Thanks for posting,



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                    Re: Gunstock carving

                    Thanks for the kind words and warm welcome.

                    I got it sanded today, hope to get the finish on it Monday.

                    Probably could use more sanding, they always seem like they could use more sanding but I think it will be sufficient for the finish I'm using.

                    If your interested in seeing some of the work I've done over the years, I've got a fair amount of it posted HERE. The top 9 photo thumbnails are links to other galleries. You can click the individual photos for larger pictures.

                    If you do take a look, and feel like it, let me know what you think.

                    Thanks again. ~Mike


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                      Gunstock carving completed

                      Got my son's gunstock finished. Sprayed 5 double wet very thin coats of automotive clearcoat on the carved areas and then 1 double wet coat of automotive clearcoat with 50% flattening agent in it.

                      The flattening agent filled more than I thought it would, did away with a lot of my details. Guess I didn't need to spend so much time sanding.

                      Wound up with about 36 hours total in this project.

                      My son is happy though, he only bought this rifle because he wanted me to carve it for him. I told him I could just carve a board for him Though he did say he was going to take it Elk hunting this Fall.

                      Thanks ~Mike