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Summary of Ridgid changes

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  • Summary of Ridgid changes

    1.We how know is taking parts orders.
    2.Ryobi is shipping Ridgid parts
    3.Bob Dueker says quality will not be affected (see below an email from Bob).

    "I'm sorry, but all I can tell you now is what I posted on the web site.
    However, I can assure you that Ridgid is valuable asset to Emerson Electric
    and the quality of the products will be unaffected. Thanks!"
    Bob Dueker

    Is Ridgid trying to become more competitive and reduce cost without reducing quality or is cost the total driving factor.

    Let's hope for the quality, Ridgid would have something to loose if they start selling junk, call a reputation, may even affect other lines.

    For now I still like my Ridgid tools and I going on the idea quality will remain but I will be on the watch for changes in quality.

    Ryobi makes some products in this country although I doubt it will be Ridgid woodworking equipment.


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    FWIW - Here is the contents of an email I sent Mr. Deuker ( received reply May 13, 2003 )

    Mr Dueker -

    I am trying to get an answer to some questions that I have not yet seen, and wonder if you can help me out.

    Question -

    Given that Emerson is no longer going to be making Ridgid WW tools, will SOMEONE ELSE be making them and selling them with the Ridgid name on them ?

    Answer -

    "We are currently exploring the options available to us. Nothing is confirmed at this date."

    Also, what is the status of the HomeDepot/Ridgid relationship as it applies to their WW tools ? Will HD no longer be selling them or will Emerson be supplying HD with another brand ? I am speaking of the power tools, not plumbing or hand tools or vacs.

    Answer -

    "The Home Depot/Ridgid relationship will not change. Ridgid woodworking tools will only be available through Home Depot.
    Thanks for your interest in RIDGID woodworking tools."

    Evasive non-answers both if you ask me. It has been my experience that when mgmt is evasive, it is never good for anyone but management.

    #1 - Don't assume you will ever see another Ridgid WW tool made by ANYONE.
    #2 - My opinion of this response is that HD will sell them till they are gone. After that happens, then #1 takes effect.

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