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Tp1300 dust collector attachment

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  • Tp1300 dust collector attachment

    I bought a Tp1300 planer a couple of years ago, but it did not come with the dust collector hood attachment to connect it to my dust collector. Does anyone know if the attachment is still available anywhere?


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    Re: Tp1300 dust collector attachment

    Here is a link to the parts list from Ridgid.

    Item #94 on figure A should be what you need. I'm not familiar with this planer so you may need # 96 and maybe some others also so take a close look. You should be able to order the parts you need from WWW.RIDGIDPARTS.COM as it states on the PDF file. Hope this helps.



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      Re: Tp1300 dust collector attachment

      You need Items 95 and 96.
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        Re: Tp1300 dust collector attachment

        You can buy them dirt cheap on e-bay.


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          Re: Tp1300 dust collector attachment

          I seem to recall seeing them at the local Cummins Tool store.

          Just found them on their website:


          Not bad - $4.72!
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            In case anyone is still looking for a dust chute/vac adapter for the TP1300. It looks like a company called Cutech in San Diego ( is using the patent to make their 13" Helical Head Planer (Model Number 40200H).

            They have most of the replacement parts for the TP1300 available.

            You can order the vac adapter under their parts tab the parts numbers are 40200-224 & 40200-225

            Right now they are costing about $25 with shipping.

            Helical Head cutters are all the rage right now. In talking with the support team over at Cutech, I found out that they also sell their "Spiral Cutter Head" for this planer. Support said it was an expensive replacement part. The cost is $219.99 and that includes a set of 2 sided hss blades for the cutter head. Part number 40200-CHD

            I call that a steal since the Shelix or Luxcut III are over $400.

            Either way, I hope that this helps someone.
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              Thanks, that's helpful for anyone looking. I have a DeWalt planer but it is good to know there is something out there that is still available that fits the RIDGID planer.