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Extending The Rail System (TS2424)

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  • Extending The Rail System (TS2424)

    I would like to know if anyone could help me in changing the rail system from 24/24 to 12/36. I could use a little more cutting distance instead of buying the other fence system. I saw it before on the forum but didn't copy it at the time.
    Been a away for a while and I understand that there's a new tablesaw on market. It seems the same as the TS2424 except the fence is different. Does anyone know if Ridgid will do trade-in's again like they've done before. I'm sure a lot of guys would take them up on that offer!

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    Will, I have my TS2424 at 24"/36+". I just loosened the rails, slid them along and put the extension in (The extension being a router table)
    Works a treat. I also cut a sheet of 1/2" ply to fit over the whole saw and it gives me a great assembly or whatever table. Also works well.

    Cheers Ivor in Calgary