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Compound Miter Dust Collection

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  • Compound Miter Dust Collection

    What other than the 2" dust port on the saw does everyone use to collect dust on their CMS's.Any pictures would be great.I'm talking about the hood that would sit behind the saw I still have dust that does not get picked up. Power is not the problem I have it hooked to a Jet DC1100. Ideas????

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    Tuff, If you find out, please tell me.LOL The CMS is about the same as an RAS and there is no way of catching all the dust. If your DC is catching 80% your doing good.
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      I tried the hood with a 4" DC connection at the bottom. It worked some. I was cleaning out my shop and rearranging one day and found an old shop-vac (20 years old and very loud and less than 3 gallon). I set it next to the CMS table and bought an automatic 'ON' device from Sears (about $20) and hooked the hose direct to the CMS dust outlet. Suprisingly, it works better than the hood with the 4" DC outlet. Best I've been able to come up with yet.