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  • Awesome book source

    One of the guys on the Woodnet forum recommended as a good source for woodworking books, so I gave them a try.
    I mailed (snail mail) my order on 6/19 and received it today, 6/30. Ten woodworking books for a total of $48 including shipping. Most were advertised as "shopworn", but they look as good as new to me.
    In the past I have recommended the public library to guys looking for books, but at these prices I like having the books to refer to at will.
    They also have books on many other subjects. I recommend checking them out.

    PS I have no vested interest in Hamilton Books in any way!
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    Thanks for the heads up. I just did a very quick run thru of the DIY section and it looks like they have a bunch of interesting titles. They'll probably get some of my money.
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      I just looked at the site, some goo deals. Worth a look for everybody.
      BTW, if you had a vested interest in the site I wouldn't care, a good deal is a good deal.