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    I would like to get an inexpensive band saw for light use. I looked at the sears 10" on sale for 179.00. Does anyone have experience with it.

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    Re: band saw

    if were me, I would buckle down and get a minimum 14". 10" just will be too limiting after a bit, and you could have used that money toward a bigger saw.


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      Re: band saw

      before I'd spend close to $200 for a 10" BS I'd hunt down a used one. The older Craftsman (made by Emerson) bandsaws were pretty good for the price, much better than what you'll pay for that 10" BS. I almost bought a Craftsman 12" tilt blade BS the other day. I was on the way home from work and it was sitting at the curb with a FS sign on it for $100. I talked the guy down to $85 and said I would stop by the next day to pick it up (didn't have $85 in my pocket at the time).

      When I got home I thought what do I need ANOTHER BS for? I already have two, so I stopped the next day and told him I was passing on it. He said no problem I have two people behind you waiting in case you changed your mind. The saw was like new. I bet he hadn't put more than 20 hours on it. They sold for $279 new IIRC in the late 80s, this is the 12" BS with the blade that tilts, the table remains flat and is much bigger than most BS tables. It's also two speed and could cut light metal.

      Looking back I should have grabbed it and sold my old Craftsman 12" BS which has the standard tilt table design. My other BS is the Rikon 14" deluxe w/13" resaw capacity.

      Check the ads in the paper. maybe even post a bandsaw wanted ad. SOmebody near you has one that will suit your needs for less than $100 and it will be better than the $179 10" BS, and maybe even better than some of the 14" BS on the market now.
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