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  • pageing mr Arbuckel

    hi dave:
    I've noticed on your posts here and elsewhere that you use an incra jig for router work. i am trying to decide which one to purchase and would appreciate your input. I'm looking at the ultra16"
    with the jointery fence or the ultra lite mostly for boxes and drawers in cabinets. I've seen the ultra at "woodcrafters" but never the ultra lite
    also wondering about the pro 2 that woodpecker sells. thanks for any info bill

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    Mister Arbuckle is my Dad, and he doesn't use an Incra jig....

    What I use is the TSIII tablesaw fence with router fence faces put on when needed. As this is made from an Ultra, that is where my familiarity lies. It is a great system.

    I went and looked at the Woodpeckers site regarding the Pro2. These names come from Woodpeckers, not Incra as a rule. It looks to me as though that is an Ultra with a WonderFence and some other goodies. I have a WonderFence, and unfortunately consider it not worth the cost. A giant size right angle fixture would be helpful once in a while for large work, but would be a pain for small work.

    If you want to do dovetail/box joint/etc on larger pieces, I would call Woodpeckers and ask if the 10" right angle fixture is available separately and compatible with the standard fence face. That and the standard Ultra (16 or 24, your choice) would be my recommendation. If you really wanted top of the line in offset capability, I'd recommend Twin Linear.



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      thanks for the info: I think i'll go with the 16" your info is great. bill