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Nightstand project.

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  • Nightstand project.

    I built myself a nightstand last year, I didn't get the lower doors made cause I told my son I would carve his rifle first. Now that, that's finished I managed to get the doors carved.

    Here are some pics of the nightstand. It's cherry and curly maple.

    The carved lighted top:

    Knobs for drawer and doors, need to make one more yet.

    Dragon remote holder and brass knobs for turning on the lights:

    The doors I just finished carving tonight.

    Just lack gluing them up, clearcoating and installing. Got about 195 hours in this nightstand project. All that carving takes time .

    If you want to see more of the nightstand, click NIGHTSTAND

    If you are interested in seeing anymore of my projects click MY PHOTOS. The top nine thumbs are links to other galleries. If you do take a look and feel like it, let me know what you think.

    What do you think of the nightstand project?

    Thanks ~Mike

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    Father's Day project

    My dad gave me an old moose antler he had found. It was kind of nasty, gray and a bit punky to carve. I soaked it in bleach water and rinsed and let it dry before starting to carve it. I wound up using 2 oz. of superglue to stablilize the punky material as I carved.

    Still have some more clean-up work to do on the carving, then I think I will spray a couple coats of satin or flat poly on the whole thing.

    I stained the antler with a no color stain, then a chestnut stain. I think I will sand the tips before I clearcoat, lighten them up.

    I gave this back to dad for a father's day gift.

    I would kind of like to try this on a new shed antler rather than one that's apparently partially rotted down.

    What do you think of it? Thanks ~Mike