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    Originally posted by Rafael:
    Hmm. I haven't had any tearout on highly figured woods. Just lucky I guess.
    The Ridgid seems to be a solid machine along with several others. But at the same price does the single speed offer any advantages over the machines that offer a choice in feed rate or CPI?

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      I have the DeWalt 735 and had their previous model which I liked very much.

      Two things that sold me on the DeWalt 735 -- two speeds and, most importantly, it has an automatice lock to alleviate snipe.

      I've had it since the first of the year and aside from one blade change, no problems. Good customer support from DeWalt too.

      It is pricey but Lowes had it for twenty percent off around the first of the year and Home Depot came through with their "match and beat" program. So I got it for almost thirty percent off.


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        Originally posted by daveferg:
        I think I'd also check out this issue on knife availibility. You know the stores likely don't want to carry them, and if you can't order them on line from Ridgid----well, I'd say forget it---but find out for yourself.
        The knives are a stock item at HD.


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          I've got no dog in this knife issue discussion----but I don't think you can make such a blanket statement, when there have been many posts from people who can't find the knives. Heck, even in general, what HD does and doesn't stock is up to the department manager, and I've seen this for myself, just visited a few different stores.


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            I have to agree with Dave on this. It's only been very recently that the HD closest to me has started to carry the planer knives. They still don't stock the jointer knives!
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