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BS14002 lower wheel tracking

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  • BS14002 lower wheel tracking

    Has anyone shimmed out the lower wheel on the BS14002?
    The lower wheel is not tracking the blade centered as the upper wheel.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: BS14002 lower wheel tracking

    Hi Mike! Welcome to the forums.

    Have you used the upper wheel adjustment knob to bring it into true with the lower? I use a long (4 foot) level that spans from the lower wheel to the upper. Then, using the knob on the back of the upper wheel assembly (the lower of the two knobs, the one that's parallel with the wheel), I adjust the upper wheel until the level shows both are in the same plane.

    I hope that explanation is clear...sometimes the written word fails me!
    I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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      Re: BS14002 lower wheel tracking

      Thank you VASandy,
      The wheels can not be made coplaner.
      They are about 3/32" off.
      I could shim out the lower wheel or I could loosen thr bolt that holds the frame together and slide the top back.
      The two wheels occupy separate planes.



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        Re: BS14002 lower wheel tracking

        My wheels were never coplaner. But the blade tracked well enough to give me good cuts. On a BS it is results that matter, not how you get to the result.
        By how much is the blade on the lower wheel off center?
        If it isn't much I wouldn't be concerned if you can get a good cut.
        There can also be other reasons it is tracking incorrectly, bad/damaged/old blade, too much blade tension, not enough blade tension, thrust bearing set incorrectly.