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Cheap "Grip clamp" repair and improvement

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  • Cheap "Grip clamp" repair and improvement

    Good day

    I bought those cheap grip clamps. After some time I noticed that they are not "gripping" but sliding back. Another problem was, the handle pin housing breaking.

    For the pin housing, I drilled hole and replaced the pin with screw (bolt) washers and nut.

    I solved the sliding problem by grinding the clamp bar narrow sides with # 40 to make them rough.

    It was such a good repair, that I made it on all my grip clamps, even the good ones.


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    Re: Cheap "Grip clamp" repair and improvement

    Good idea! I've got a small collection of those clamps. I'll save your repair idea for when they start to fail. Thanks for all the good ideas and their clear presentation.


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      Re: Cheap "Grip clamp" repair and improvement

      Superb, Niki! I've got a bunch of these clamps, and you're right..they definitely don't clamp as well as they used to. I always thought it was a problem of the clamp itself not being able to handle a good amount of pressure. Then I recently got a couple new ones (6" Irwins on sale 2for1 somewhere), and the new ones have more clamping pressure than the old ones. Thanks for posting this so clearly.
      I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.