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another 2412 v 2424 v Ryobi BT3K?

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  • another 2412 v 2424 v Ryobi BT3K?

    I'm getting lots of feedback on the 2412 vs. 2424, but are there any current or former Ryobi BT3K owners out there who have made the switch or debated the merits of the saws. It seems people either love or hate the Ryobi and I must say, I'm quite confused. I like many things about the Ryobi, but also have enough suspicions that I'm making this decision much too difficult ... thanks again, Jeffry

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    I have the 2424. Never have owned the Ryobi but have heard that it is VERY noisy. The 2424 by contrast is extremely quiet.


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      Jeffry, in a way you are comparing apples and oranges. The 2412 and 2424 are basically what could be termed "generic contractor saws". The Ryobi is a hybrid. While it could be defined as a contractor's saw, it is unlike any of the offerings from Jet, Delta, Grizzly, Ridgid etc. Doubt that you're going to find out much info on a Ryobi at a Ridgid forum. Try this:

      Again, the heft of the Ridgid saws would be a determining factor for me. Might want to consider accessories that could be used with the saws also. Many people agonize over these decisions. Buy the Ridgid. You won't be sorry.