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Herc-U-Lift™ Caster Set Work with the TP1300 Stand?

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  • Herc-U-Lift™ Caster Set Work with the TP1300 Stand?

    If so, that may just well make up my mind for choosing the Ridgid over the DeWalt planer.

    Does the Herc-U-Lift™ Caster Set Work with the TP1300 Stand?

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    I just installed the HercuLift on my RAS1000 and there is a diagram in the manual showing how to install them on the Ridgid planer. For some reason (center of gravity, torque, etc) they appear to need a spring and chain (included) to help lift the casters.

    I love them on the RAS... it is so nice to move the tool around easily.


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      I have the Herculift on my TS2424 and I just added one to my Ridgid band saw. Because my shop is a little small, and the height for running the planer is low, I built a cabinet on casters for the planer.

      Because of my shop size, I have decided full size floor tools like my band saw and table saw are right for the Herculift while more portable tools like the planer and my dedicated mortiser are on enclosed (for dust control) cabinets with casters to gain the storage space.

      Just a thought.

      [ 12-26-2002, 01:33 PM: Message edited by: Jerry Jensen ]


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        I agree with the cabinet Idea. the caster set is something like $80. I'm sure for that much, you can find or build a cabinet with wheels that will work better than the stand with casters. Then you'll have an extra work stand for other fixtures. (left over from the planer)


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          To answer your question, the Herc-U-Lift Plus will fit on the legset that is included with the TP1300 thickness planer.