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    Has anyone installed the Bench Dog RT250 Router Table? I wrote them an E-Mail to determine if the table will fit the 3612 table saw and the response was yes. If you have installed the table does it have to be mounted on the left side? Also, what else is involved in mounting the table.

    I thought the router table would be the easiest of the tool purchases but I'm really having trouble making up my mind what to do. I'm using my garage for a shop so space is a problem. The RT100 received pretty good reviews but it seems small. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Bernie

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    Greetings Bernie

    I checked out the RT250 Here and it looks like a decent unit. When I was making large paneled cabinets for my shop, the wing extension table wasn't large enough. But since I'm onto other projects, I find myself using the wing extension router table more than the larger router table. It's more convenient than dragging out the big boss.

    Bench Dog is keeping up with the competition, and it's a quality unit. I'm sure since they mentioned Ridgid on their page absolute instructions should be included. In fact, it looks like a TS2424 or TS3612 in their add.

    As for size, it does seam a bit close to the edge. But alot of router work is edge work on narrow pieces. When it's on larger pieces, you simply lower you blade and use your saw fence and feed it from the back side. Dado's can be done this way as well in panels that will fit on your saw table.

    I'm sure you can mount the table on either side of the saw. The wing on either side of your saw is the same, so mounting location is your preference.

    Good luck, and happy sawdusting!
    John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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      I posed that very question to Bench Dog and was informed it is for left side use. They did not explain why but my guess would be that the compactness of the unit would interfere with the blade tilt adjustment handle. Even with the router removed it may still be a knuckle-buster.