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  • Shaper or Router/Table

    This may not be an OR question.

    What advantages does a router & table have over a shaper? I have 2 inexpensive fixed base routers now. One used freehand and one mounted to a cheapo, stamped metal benchtop table.

    Contemplated uses mostly center on edge shaping and dadoing. I can contemplate doing some mortise work, but would have to buy a plunge router for that. In a few years, I might have the time to do raised panel work.

    Thanks for your thoughts, Curt

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    Is expense a issue?
    A good router table set up will push a grand with bits. Shaper bits are generally more expensive. Shapers can be a bit more dangerous, and more expense themselves.
    Unless your going to be making alot of mouldings, I would stick with a good router table set up.
    Just my 2 cents.
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      In my past searches I've found you can get a decent shaper and a good router/table set up for around the same base price. If you want more you'll pay more.

      For me it boiled down to the price of the cutters. 1 rail and stile shaper set would flatten my bit budget for quite a while.

      For what it's worth I would get a nice router, table and a router lift. JMO

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