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    Alright everyone let me have your thoughts on jointers. Which brand you have, Ridgid or otherwise. Why you chose the 6" over the 8" or the other way around. I absolutely love my new ts2424 but I know at some point in the future I will purchase a jointer. I have done quite a bit research (i.e. Grizzly, Sunhill, Ridgid, Jet, etc.). Is it worth it to pay extra for an 8" to gain 2 more inches? Or would the better value be in the 6 inch model? Just let me know what you think when you all get a chance.


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    I've got a small Delta 6". Only retgret is that this model came with a cast aluminum fence---pretty poor, instead of a cast iron one. Aside from, obviously, price---with an 8" jointer, you also gain bed length--which is probably more important than cutter width.

    I haven't really looked at the Rigid jointer. Delta and Jet look real nice. Just remember, as I said in the HF thread, the precision of the castings and ease of fence alignment are very important on a jointer--quality really counts.

    In your shopping, you might consider a closed base model---just seems like it would be better dust collection, although I've seen some open stand jointers, that have dust chutes---a nice feature to keep sawdust controlled.


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      I have the Delta VS Benchtop, 37-070. It works well, but I plan to extend the beds per the Woodsmith/ shopnotes plan. I have looked at the new Ridgid, and it looks pretty nice at $499 even nicer at some discount. Guess I'll bide my time.

      MikeN [img]smile.gif[/img]


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        my 2 cents again.. I have a Craftsman 4" which was a GREAT mistake. moved up to a Delta 37-070 6" at this time I am about to say that was also a mistake, but it works ok. What I would suggest is , save your money until you can get at least an 8" with LONG IN & OUT tables. Wish that I had done this myself. One learns sometimes the HARD way..What I have sent on the 2 I could have had the 8". dd [img]redface.gif[/img] at myself will get over it one day when the $ are here.


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          I've had a Jet 6" jointer for almost a yr. Works great. Much more cost effective than 8" jointer.
          If I were in the market for one now, I'd give serious consideration to the Ridgid. Heard nothing but good things about it. The ace for Ridgid is the warranty.