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  • 240-Volt 3650

    I would like to connect my 3650 TS to a 240 volt dryer outlet. The outlet is a 30A-125/250V four wire outlet!
    I have an old breaker box that was used for a pool several years ago. I plan on getting a double pole 15A breaker for the box & a four wire dryer cord to feed from the outlet to the box, But being there’s a ground & neutral wire how should I connect it to a three wire 15A-240V outlet for the TS?

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    Re: 240-Volt 3650


    [FONT='Verdana','sans-serif'][FONT='Verdana','sans-serif']You will get knowledgeable help in the Electricians Forum for this type of question. It is a great resource.[/FONT]



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      Re: 240-Volt 3650

      I believe the manual for the next saw up will do, or will be very similar, ( did not find one for the 3650 unit) the 3660, (page 9) follow the information that is on the motor,(usually under the wiring junction box cover on the motor),

      IF you have your manual double check, but you will have to make a change in the motor and then the plug, the the black wire will go to one of the hot lines, the white wire will go to the other, and the green to the ground, there will not be a neutral, (the white wire will be a hot wire and not a neutral wire on 220),

      If your unsure on how to proceed, get some one who does, as one can fry the motor or create a shock hazard if miss wired,

      here is the wording and procedure, there is diagrams on the manual I listed.
      NOTE: The table saw is prewired at the factory for 120 V, 60

      Hz. Use the following procedures to change motor voltage
      from 120 V to 240 V.
       Unplug the saw.
       Located on the top of the motor is the junction box.
      Remove the phillips screw at the back of the junction box
      then lift off the cover.
       Remove and discard the electrical tape from the wire
      connectors. Remove wire connectors.
       Reconnect the leads.
       Reinstall the wire connectors and wrap each wire with
      two layers of new UL listed electrical tape.
       Recheck your wiring with the wiring diagrams.
       Reinstall the junction box cover using the phillips
       Cut off the 120 volt power cord plug and replace it with
      a 3-prong 240 volt, 15 amp. UL listed plug.
       Connect the power cord white and black leads,
      respectively, to the "hot" plug blade terminals. Connect
      the power cord green grounding wire to the plug ground
      prong terminal.
       Plug your table saw into a 220-240 V, 15 amp., 3-prong
      receptacle. Make certain the receptacle is connected to
      a 240 V, AC power supply through a 240 V branch circuit
      having at least a 15 amp capacity and protected by a
      15 amp time-delay fuse or circuit breaker.
      In another thread, posted the last few days (in a number of locations) there is how to use a dryer plug as your power source, (actuly how to make an adaptor plug),
      or to change out to a subpanel and plug, some thing on the line of 110 to 220 and and 220 four wire, I think are the titles,
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        Re: 240-Volt 3650

        Originally posted by BHD View Post
        I believe the manual for the next saw up will do, or will be very similar, ( did not find one for the 3650 unit)

        IF you have your manual double check,
        Thanks! I do have my 3650 manual & it shows how to switch the motor over to 240V!
        My main concern was between the Ground & Netural wire of the 4-wire circuit!

        Originally posted by claugh
        You will get knowledgeable help in the Electricians Forum
        Thanks your post & others in the Electricians Forum answered my question!