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  • TS3650 Table Saw


    Just bought a TS3650. I've been eyeing it for some time now.

    I retire in about 1.5 years and plan on building my own kitchen cabs - so I told the wife I needed a new saw to do it with.

    I looked around, and narrowed it down to 3 that were good quality and still affordable. This one was certainly affordable because it was just put on sale at 20% off.

    Before the wife could say go buy it I was out the door and on my way.

    She's a beauty, both the saw and the wife.


    Take care.



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    Congrats on the new saw, and the understanding wife, Gerry. Let us know how the assembly goes.
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      That is the first I have heard of 20% off the TS3650, congratulations on a great deal on a fine saw and good luck with those cabinets.



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        So far, the reports I've seen about the 20% discount all seem to be coming from Canadians.
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          Where do I go or how do I get 20% off this saw?


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            I'm new to this forum. I was looking for a lead on finding a zero clearance insert for my Rigid table saw. Does anybody have a clue?


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              Try here; Zero Clearance Inserts Model #20005
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              All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.


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                I just picked up a TS3650 on Veteran's Day, HD had 10% off for us vets -- would like to know where the 20% was though!

                Does anyone know if Ridgid accept feedback on their manual? It started good...then a couple of pages in, it stopped telling you which screws/bolts/nuts to use. Belt tension was a little confusing too, but I think I got it. Finished assembly last night, wife drug me to bed. Gonna start it today.


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                  You can whack together a bunch of ZCIs in a jiffy with a router. After looking at the available commercial options, it was the quickest and cheapest way to go.
                  I just used the original insert as the tamplate, and routed out a blank out of 1/2" MDF. A little bit of sanding to fit perfectly, and then I used that first one as a template to rout out 5 more, which all fit exactly right.
                  I routed a little 3/4" slot on the bottom and glued in a little strip of oak to serve as the rear tab, and drilled a hole for the safety screw.
                  The actual height of the insert has to be .480", so you have to first either sand down or resaw the blanks to the right thickness. That was a breeze to do on the saw itelf. Just raise the blade, take of 20 mils, then flip the piece to do the other half.
                  I was pleased with how easy it was. Now I have a pile of ZCIs for different blades and dodoes.



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                    Your approach to making ZCI's sounds good, better than my initial go using plywood. Does resawing to 0.480 thickness eliminate the need for leveling screws. If so, that makes the job just that much less fiddlely. I also glued in a piece of oak for the tab.

                    [ 11-14-2005, 08:07 PM: Message edited by: Dick L ]


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                      I resawed the blanks as close to the exact height as humanly possible, without going over, as they used to say on that game show.
                      A couple of them sit perhaps a few mils below the tabletop in one corner, but a tiny tab of duct tape on the bottom of the blank in that corner shims it up just right.
                      I don't use and don't need the leveling screws, which is a good thing, cuz I didn't feel like tapping holes in the MDF.
                      The blanks all sit pretty close to dead flush with the tabletop. In fact, if they're going to be a tiny bit off, you'd rather have them shy of the top rather than proud, so your workpiece doesn't bang into it on the way to the blade.


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                        Hey guys and girls,

                        How's every little thing goin' for ya.

                        Just thought I'd let you know that the deal I got on my ridgid table saw was made even sweeter today.

                        HD had a display at work (GM Truck Plant here in Ontario). I ended up with a Ridgid hat, a cool pair of shades, a tape measure, and a discount coupon to take to the HD store so I can get another 10% off what I paid a month ago.

                        That makes it a great! deal for about $540 CD.


                        (sorry, just had to rub it in)

                        TTYL ... GP


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                          yeah at home depot the 3560 and the 1290 mitre saw both went on sale for $599 canadian

                          been on sale for a few weeks now, hopefully till after christmas

                          all of you that have this 3650 would you recommend it for a novice woodworker such as myself, ive got the drive to build just need to refine the skills

                          the wife says to get it if its on sale, but i wouldnt be able to even use it till the cold went away


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                            HD will give Veteran's with ID 10% off anytime if you go to the Pro Desk and ask. They don't like to let everyone know that. so I only push it for big ticket items.
                            Have a great day unless you've made other plans.


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                              Originally posted by Bubba Bill:
                              I'm new to this forum. I was looking for a lead on finding a zero clearance insert for my Rigid table saw. Does anybody have a clue?
                              I just ordered ZCIs from Order Tree (1-866-539-1710) yesterday. $38 for 2 with shipping. If you go to you'll see what they look like.