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  • Router lift - under the table

    Good day

    I would like to share with you an idea for router lift that I made for a friend.

    Because I don't have a "cabinet" router table, I made a mock-up so, a little bit of imagination please...

    40mm = 1-9/16" (2" will also do the job)


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    Re: Router lift - under the table

    I am planning to use Niki's router lift system in my homemade router table. I like this idea and it's cheap and easy to build. I have a question regarding the plate between the router and the threaded rod that pushes the router. Does that need to be fastened to the router, or the rod? Could it be fastened into the plastic housing with tapped screws or hot glue maybe ? I guess I'm curious if the turning action of the rod would try to move the router. I understand the centering on the collett suggestion and gravity and the baseplate mount acomplishes much of the sturdyness, I'm just wondering if niki or anyone else has any thoughts on this. Thank you , I'm very grateful for everyone sharing their ideas and suggestions.


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      Re: Router lift - under the table

      Hi Sean

      Sorry for the late reply, I wasn't around for a while.....

      This set-up is for plunge router...after adjusting the bit height, I'm locking the can use the wing nut on the threaded rod to lock the threaded rod after you set the height but, I thing that for precise works, it's better to lock the plunge to eliminate any "play" of the plunge rods.

      the threaded rod is NOT connected to the router in any way...I'm adding a picture of what I did on my old router table....I use a "U" to set the height while using the router hand held.

      Generally, you glue a small piece of metal to the router (SuperGlue - Epoxy) and make a dimple at the center of the collet....Grind the threaded rod to get a cone that will enter into the dimple.
      The plunge springs will not let the threaded rod to "wander" around...


      Click image for larger version

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