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    Originally posted by daveferg:
    SJ---not baiting either----but, why would you say I would not be permitted to (or more precisely, should not)express my opinion, while others are allowed to express theirs? So, in your mind, does this justify the personal attacks some have thought was their "right" to inflict?

    Again---not baiting---just asking----so you're saying the only way to keep the peace here is to cave into abusive loadmouths (a general description---no names), who feel they can say anything they want---And, just hope that, by mistake, you don't say something to offend them???? Well, I don't think so.
    I thought about that too after I posted and wanted to wait to get reply.
    Nope-that'd be wrong too - censorship wrong. Think what I was thinking but missed verbalizing was something more along lines of this..........
    It's fine to express opinion - your personal.
    If one desires to make statements about things they have not personally experienced but only read or hearsay...use a link to it.
    When the owners and users chime in - they too get at least same amount of "links or quotes" if warranted. If most dislike it will then be known and fair. Same for like. Things don't get distorted or contorted then....they can't.
    I'll always believe the user, actual user, will have more valid input on good and bad, issues and non-issues than those who don't. It's everywhere on all forums - we get mad we sure willing to rip apart a tool we got. Majority of posts show this. Due to fact HD is nuts w/ that 90 day return thing they really let us test and then berate if we want. We really get best of both worlds.
    Don't know if this ends all issues on things, just a helluva lot fairer to those who really like something, whatever/anything and get the dickens either blasted out of them for doing so or it seems they become "fools" in discrediting what they believe and know.
    Oh boy .... this is touchy touchy stuff
    Best shut me trap up or something will explode somehow or somewhere
    \"NowhereMan, are you listenin\', do you know what you\'re missin\', NowhereMan....\" Fab Four


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      Smoken' Joe-----thanks for the clairification and good sense.

      It is certainly not unreasonable to post a link when referring to comments---but, as you state, that goes both ways----(some persist in posting statements that Emerson still controls/makes the current line of tools---). And, of course, anyone else has the same rights----look, let's get something straight----if you've read any of my posts that attacked anyone, I can totally assure you, if you want to check back, there was a bad history before.

      As to "personal experience"-----there is no doubt that can be extremely valid. However, my comments have always been about personal observations or comments on posts others have made. I've said it before and I'll say it again, saying that the motor is not Emerson's and that it reads "Made in China or whatever" hardly requires that I own the saw.

      Bottom line is that we are much better off without personal attacks, which seem to have prevaded this board----no need to point fingers----just end it-----

      SJ, far as I'm concerned, things are cool with us.


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        “Bottom line is that we are much better off without personal attacks, which seem to have prevaded this board----no need to point fingers----just end it-----

        SJ, far as I'm concerned, things are cool with us.”

        Thanks for taking the initiative to end this debate and I hope you’re successful. The atmosphere on this board of late has exhausted the patience of many of the long time members of this forum and many have decided to contribute elsewhere. We lost a wealth of experience and knowledge with their departure, so why don’t we all put this pettiness behind us and get on with making sawdust before the only one’s left visiting this forum are individuals that thrive on dealing out criticism.




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          I'm not touching above, k!
          Except that is to add - not directed towards daveferg either - what I see as some really contorted thing by many. It would seem to further address this "touchy-feely" makes one extremely defensive thing.

          Note below I have put up 3 links. 2 pertain directly to Delta issues posted on Woodnet forum.
          They issues seem to remain unresolved as of last posts. My point more than the that fact is this fact - same board, a post regarding the very top link I put up here - presto! I think about 110 posts - mostly just generic in nature without any actual knowledge or useage of tools involved, but just hearsay or bashing of Rigid in general with very unflattering comments made towards anyone who buys Orange. I'd say hey - fair. If you had basis that is. And then towards tool -not those owners. Grizz-Harbor Freight-some others get blasted too under the buy "American" thing. Rigid tho - they get it most. Many hate the BORG in general - then Orange tools get it because of this from some too, they flat out have stated in here.

          Now - Delta or Jet - they handled with true kid gloves, tons of hits on threads but nobody dares speak a word. And they get as many questions and problems posted up as any. Yet just a few who post replies

          So we have a "Rigid" forum were just maybe we like to feel somewhat safe from the generic boards where we frankly post little for reason stated. Then when we come under attack for what we like, in what an athlete would call Our House, and we say we like, we don't have that problem, we ..... well, we get to growling. We got a right to. We should. We'll growl about any problems we have alright. Just don't need to continually have ones we don't get tossed all around Our House.

          I honestly wonder - commend the monitors here for letting this all happen. Some forums just toss the posts when they get/see things they dislike.

          Gotta go so hope all's getting better for everyone. And enjoy them tools-whatever color they are.

          Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em