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Zero Clearance Insert for TS2424

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  • Zero Clearance Insert for TS2424

    I wish to create or purchase a zero clearance insert (throat plate) for my TS2424.
    Has anyone else checked to see if those manufactured for the Craftsman are compatible? Aside from that option, the only other way would be to make one from phenolic or some other hard dense plastic.
    I'm cutting a lot of miters in 3/4 by 3/4 hardwood and would like to minimize chipping. I'm aware of various specialized miter blades and intend to purchase one soon. I'm also cutting a lot of narrow rabbets and the narrow strips are occasionally being sucked down the existing throat plates wide gap. What's the screw size used in the existing plates? I'd like to get a drill and tap that'd allow their use in a homemade plate.

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    I dug up a thread from a few months back that discussed this very topic.

    in short, yes they are compatible. Hope this helps, Josh


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      Was at the Rockler woodworking store in San Diego today and they carry a zero clearance insert that fits Ridgid models TS2412, TS2424 and TS2400. It is model CR-1 and is produced bye Leecraft, Inc out of Gainesville, GA.(Phone/Fax: 770-983-1797) this little guy has 4 leveling screws, side and rear adjustment screws to get a snug fit, rear safety pin for lift out protection, pre-cut blade starter pocket and a finger hole in the front for easy removal and hanging. Has a malamine surface on it...cost was $19.99. works great!