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  • Kudos to Freud

    Double whamo!

    I just replaced my Ridgid stock blade with a new Freud Combo blade (LU84R011) and boy is this thing smooth!!! Cuts maple like butter, edges are super clean and there is even minimal tear out on plywood (that's a bonus I did not expect!).

    Then after agonizing between the Super Dado set (SD508) vs. the professional Dado (SD208), I finally went the 'cheap' way but I am blown away. The bottoms are smooth as silk and there is a very minimal amount of tear-out on birch plywood. I'm sure the Super Dado "goes to 11" but for my needs, I'll get more clamps with the $60 difference.

    All in all, Freud gets a big thumbs up from me!!!


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    I have to agree with the high quality of Freud blades. I have one for ripping and one for cross-cutting, and they produce glass smooth finishes with no tears even in oak plywood (a perrenial problem in my previous experience). Plus I really like the price as well, compared to the pricier Forrest blades. Saved me a pile of money without reducing quality one bit. Kudos indeed.


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      i own a freud thin kerf finishing blade for my miter saw. performs well. i too upgraded my ts3612 blade a few months back and after a long grueling comparison settled on the CMT general. this is a great blade, and i followed it up with a CMT dedicated rip blade. this was before the freud glue line rip blade was introduced.

      my dado is a freud....and i couldnt be happier with it. i looked at the cmt and forrest as well and decided on the freud because of price. the freud did not comprimise quality for price. a great blade.

      you are right freud makes a great product. i will bet that the only benefit that i have with my cmt as compared to the freud, is that the freud would likely dull faster.

      but that doesnt make it a bad blade



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        I totally agree on the quality of Freud blades. I use the LU85 on my CMS and the LU84 on my TS3612 and couldn't be more pleased. However, the real diamond in the rough at Freud is the Freud FJ-85 Jigsaw. IMO this saw will give the Bosch a run for its money any day of the week and it will do it for a lot less money.
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          Freud...A name dedicated to excellence.

          I own several blades, including a dado stack. Even the contractors series "D" blades HD sells, are sharper than most blades offered elswhere. Sharpenable, high grade carbide, anti vibration and teflon coated (if that is your flavor).

          To go beyond saw blades, I'll touch base with router bits. Now price wise, they are a bit pricy, however, they do hold the edge far longer than any other bit I've used. Can't exactly recall, but I don't think I have broken a Freud router bit yet. I'm mercilous on router bits to say the least.
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