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why does my Ridgid planer do this?

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  • why does my Ridgid planer do this?


    Occasionally when starting to send a board through the planer the front roller grabs and the board kicks up a few inches in the back. Once it starts feeding through it comes back down again and feeds through fine.

    It doesn't seem to hurt the cut at all, but I don't think it is a correct function, especially as it happens only occasionally.

    Am I feeding stock incorrectly?


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    Be sure your table is well waxed. The feed roller pulling on the top edge of your work piece is tipping the board up rather than sliding it in. By the time it is under the cutters the board is back down, so no problem with the cut. But I bet wax will help it slide rather than tip.

    A good coat of wax seems to solve most of the planer problems discussed here, but it makes especially good sense for your symptoms.