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    I posted a thread, called it ripping maple, last week. Last Frid. I spent 6+ hours tunning my trunion, because I got a really shotty edge with a brand new 40t ProMax blade. After tunning and then using my 60t freud to test cut some ply wood, I got razor sharp edges and smooth flat glue lines. Well last night in prep for this weekend I decides to test the 3 blades I have to rip. First up 40t Pro Max! Awfull, really bad cut I'd need a belt sander to take the gouges out. By the way I used 3 scraps, a 2x4x 18, a length of birch ply 3/4", and piece of 3/4" oak.
    Second blade 24t Oldham fast rip. Much better than the Pro Max, light sanding to clean up the edge. Blade three, or should I say #1. Stock Ridgid, complete with pitch all over it. I have used this blade exclusively for 6 months, only cleaned it onced, and man this blade gave me an almost perfect cut in each of the three materials, the only one needing attention was the 2x4, and I would say it's the wood not the blade, all others were like glass. Jake if you read this, where could I get another RIDGID blade, and please don't tell me to buy another saw! Thanks for listening! Andrew

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    You can order an exact replacement blade from Just look up your saw.



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      TS3612 parts

      TS3612 Blade - only $21.95

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        Thanks, Jake & Stuart. I checked it out earlier, I'll order in the future, I'll be using the one I have until it needs sharpening. And I guess I have 2 new CMS blades to choose from!!


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          I have to put my 2 cents in here. Most saws you buy in the Ridgid's price range come with a dime store 1.99 blade.
          Hats off to Ridgid for suppling a decent blade on their saws. Not only the table saw, but the RAS and miters as well. They all give good clean cuts and last as long as the more expensive ones.
          Now I know I can get a blade with Ridgids name on it...That shop saw blade clock isn't too far off!
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            Are you serious???? The same 40t dimple faced, carbide tipped blade that came with my 24241 for $21.95??? I've been wasting money on Freud rip blades if that's the case...never even thought to look into getting another blade from Ridgid....better get out the credit card next week....
            Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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              I agree with all the comments... The Ridgid blade does a very, very good job!!! I might be ordering another one too... Not a bad price at $21.95... Better get another Zero Clearance Inset while I'm at it... [img]smile.gif[/img]
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                I looked the 3612 yesterday and found that the blade it comes with is the same as the one that was on my 2400....grey in color without dimples instead of the dimple faced one like on my 2424. Jake, which one of these blades is sold on the site? If I could get another one like the dimple faced blade (It was more like chrome than grey), I'd order two of them...
                Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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                  Jake, any chance you've had time to research Kelly's last question?
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