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  • A couple of Baseline articles

    Following are a couple of links to articles on Baseline. Most of it is geared to the IT types among us but there is also reading that will appeal to everyone I think.

    Home Depot's IT Plans

    And here is some info on the competition ... Lowes .
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    Excellent articles! Thanks for posting them. I do a lot of business with HD's, but I like Lowe's stores better. They have much better up front contractor parking and better staff. They are building a new one close to the HD's where I go (no Lowe's near that one for the past 8 years).

    It's cool to know why the two are so different....even if I am not an IT guy!
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      Absolutely Fascinating! Here in Rancho Cucamonga, the HD does a huge contractor business. So huge that I suspect a few try to save time by going to Lowes.

      My wife likes Lowes better, but HD always has the materials I need for a project - and often Lowes does not. Lowes is prettier, but with less substance.


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        Our Lowe's stores are much better stocked than HD's are...just wish I had one closer to where I work often...I hope that will change soon! lowe's is so much more accomodating to the contractor and homeowner alike.
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          As for stock and appearances the HDs and Lowes in my area are equal. Hd is considerably lower priced on everything
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            There are three HD within anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes of me and they are building a new store that will be only 5 minutes away! No Lowes in my area at all The closest one is over an hour away. I actually submitted this info to Lowes on their web site. We used to have a Lowes here years ago. That was before HD came. At one point there was a Home Quarters here but it went out of business after HD opened. I find there is a better tool selection at the Lowes I visit when we go to see my Father-in-Law. Can't say that I have spent a lot of time in Lowes but I do like what I have seen there.

            Just for kicks here is my exchange with Lowes ...

            Dear Mr. Jones:

            Thank you for visiting our website at .

            We are continuously evaluating new and relocation markets for expansion of the Lowe's network. We make every effort to place stores in locations we feel will meet our established sales and profitability objectives.

            If released to the public, new store opening and future store information can be viewed by accessing the following link, This page is updated weekly.

            Thank you for your expression of interest. We will take your suggestion of Jackson, MS under advisement. Also, your e-mail will be forwarded to our Real Estate Department for review and consideration.

            Lowe's Customer Care
            -----Original Message-----
            From: (
            Date: Monday, February 17, 2003 11:57 PM
            To: (
            Subject: Lowes: (New Store Inquiry)

            Consumer Name: Alan Jones
            Consumer Email:
            Consumer Zip Code: 39110
            Consumer Message Follows:
            I just want to ask you to please open a store here in the Jackson, MS area (I live in Madison). We used to have a Lowes years ago. There are THREE Home Depot stores in my area with the fartherest of the three about 20 minutes away. And, they are building a FOURTH store that is "just down the road", maybe 5 minutes away! I have been to the Hattiesburg, MS and Hammond, LA Lowes stores when traveling and it sure would be nice to have one closer than 1&1/2 to 2 hours away. Any plans to open in this area in the next year or so?
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              I've yet to see any price difference in the same merchandise at either store unless it's a few cents and that's doesn't last long. The stores shop each other daily to keep prices in line. I have seen differences in tools, but on closer inspection, they model numbers are different even though the tools seem very similar. Good example is the new body grip router by Milwaukee...HD has it for $159 and Lowe's for $139...but the Lowe's router has no case or router table tool.

              On lumber the two are always dead equal every day.
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                Thanks Alan J. for posting them.They are good articles!
                Andy B.


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                  Great article! Very interesting part about the store layout software (OK, I'm a geek too

                  I also have 3 HD within 10-20minutes and a new Lowes about 15 minutes away. Ever since the new Lowes openned, I've tried to buy everything from there:
                  _ Better lumber (the 2x4s are actually straight!)
                  _ Better layout
                  _ Better quality products (when you look at Lighting, telephony, windows...)
                  _And more importantly, more helpfull people. I often have associates walk with me half-way through the store to show me where a particular item is (although I need that less and less since I can navigate this place my eyes closed now!)



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                    It's really interesting to see how perceptions vary with location.

                    My local Lowes only carries green lumber. So even though their stacks are prettier, I mostly want dried lumber. Customer service is pretty much a toss-up; varies by hour of day and day of week.

                    Most telling for me was in the construction of our new store. Even though Lowes is catty-corner across the parking lot, had to solve a few problems by driving 4 miles to the HD.

                    I've had occasion to do a cursory look at Peoplesoft's HR module. No wonder these stores have people problems. I've also had occasion to work on (design & program) ERP software for some manufacturing companies. Whoever wins the dual problems of customer checkout and stock requirement predictions will rule the day.

                    If I were in charge, I'd say that the individual store manager is the most important person in the company - so I'd pay then too well for them to move, train the hell out of them, and prune rapidly for non-performance.