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    Spent better part of a day using a Grizzly 0444Z ts - thought I'd toss this synopsis out to anyone curious about it.
    Fit and finish - extremely nice and smooth. Winner
    Flatness of table - it was as close to perfect as any I have ever worked on. I used the smallest feeler gauge I had and it couldn't slip under straight edge anywhere. Light test showed next to nothing too.
    Fence - very nice - sturdy - locks solid and no shimming needed.
    Liked size and location of switch. Everything within reach - those little attachment type hooks nice to hang things on too.
    Power --- it is a beast! 8/4 oak sliced up like hot knife thru butter (using Forrest blade). I doubt anyone will ever complain about any lack of power here.
    Mobile base - none yet. I got lazy and played with all the tools there
    Rails - the monster sized beasts were there. He decided to use the standard rails and will be returning these.

    Opinion - impressive. Very impressive. Very very very impressive. Oh - did I say I was impressed

    I like the General - and still say it is a great saw. This Grizzly tho - wow. It is a helluva saw. Less expensive than the GI too. If I was buying one today I would buy the Grizzly and never doubt my decision.

    Forgot - this was asked once before. Ran on a 20a 220 circuit. I think a 15a would have been fine also - the 20a was what he had there and in vicinity of permanent location.

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    Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em

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    I appreciate the information. All indications from owners seem to be they are happy with the tablesaw from new Grizzly line. It seems the wait to start delivering these was worth what ever caused initial delay in getting them into market.

    Over the past 2-3 years I see more and more of the Grizzly lineup in professional shops too which means quality is inherent in the tooling they now ship. Some had expressed concern or issues in years past and glad to hear what I now hear. I am somewhat under the impression that even the old stories may have been overblown somewhat as it seems to happen so often when a "foreign" company treads on the turf of USA companies that they once dominated nearly 100%. I admit to not liking it myself but it doesn't change the facts being what they are.

    If one does order initially the large rails do they still ship both the standard and large ones? Or is a credit applied to the cost of upgrade? I realize this is not your saw and did not order but thought I would ask.

    What is staus of the new CS you were getting? I have meant to inquire before - I keep forgetting when here online. Yes I admit to age possibly entering into the equation

    On a different topic - hope all is well with S-J's family and they are coping as best they can, all things considered. I am sure they appreciate everything you and others have done for them. We all need and can use assistance and help in times such as these.


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      Chipmaker- sorry for delay in getting this up/back to you. I don't have an answer to the rail matter - Joe had ordered and they believe it was seperate times so one would assume they paid full add-on. They supposedly were sent back on Tuesday via truck to Grizz for credit against whatever account he used. We never did locate the packing slip - with all going on it may have been tossed out. Guess Grizz was great - send it back, we'll take care of you.

      I have a nice 1023 sitting in crates yet - I peeked but way to many irons in fire. Planned on doing last weekend but then this other thing came up. Next weekend for sure - the ShopFox bases came yesterday too which I had forgotten to order [img]redface.gif[/img]

      We also had a big tool theft from a job site - anything that could be taken in a truck or van is gone. That includes a whole lot of stuff - including my newest 3650, 4 routers still in boxes and all my portable stuff.We hauled there in 2 loads - what remained fit in my cab. Loss maybe near $5000. I carry a $5000 deductible Makes me sick - not just the dollars but the time to regroup and replace all is overwhelming. One does not realize/know what they missing until they reach to use it.

      On a maybe good note - the police have a line on someone who attempted to pawn/sell a lot of tools (common they say) to a pawn store in Duluth area. They also had a tablesaw on a truck which made this really jump out to owner/manager - evidently they don't do a big business in tools and this guy was curious. By time he notified police they long gone - and no license plate as deck and snow had covered. All he got was state of issue being Texas and description of truck. Maybe I'll get lucky here yet.

      Thoughts are if it doesn't get recovered I may add the Grizz 0444z as replacement. It's a very nice saw and I loved that one at Joe's shop. So that'd be Orange and Green and Green.
      Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em