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wood glue experation date??

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  • wood glue experation date??

    Can someone explain the science behind the code they use on the bottles of wood glue to determine the experation date. I know I have it in one of my wood magazines but trying to find that issue would be impossible.

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    No help here - sometimes I have found codes to actually not be codes but rather relating to run/plant/etc.

    Some company have stated they don't even put a date code on them....there's a recent thread on woodnet discussing this. You may want to take a peek there...don't have link to it available.

    Common things discussed were as I reall - if it was sealed, has not seperated in bottle, and not frozen it should be fine. Some can even freeze - but when you shake them good if they don't appear to mix and it seperates again the company involved said to toss to be safe.

    Maybe worth a search there before you toss it out
    Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em


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      I read somewhere that most glues have an open shelf life of about a year. Might want to consider taking a marker to your glue after ya open it and write down the date.



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        From "Shop Notes" magazine issue #71:

        Most glue manufacturers print a production code on the back of each bottle to keep track of when and where the glue was made, but each manufacturer uses a slightly different coding system.

        TITEBOND - The first character indicates the year(2=2002, 3=2003) the second character indicates the month (A=January, B=February, etc.) (The letter I is skipped.)

        LOC-TTITE - The first number denotes the year and the next 3 numbers the day of the year (example - a code of 2175 means the glue was made on the 175th day of 2002)

        ELMER'S - The first letter is the year (H=2002, I=2003, etc.) The following 2 numbers are the day of the month. This is followed by a letter indicating the month (A=January, B=February, etc.)

        ...Most manufacturers will tell you that yellow glue has a shelf life of two years - from the time it is manufactured.