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Resawing with Table Saw

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  • Resawing with Table Saw

    It hasn't happened too often yet, but there have been times when I've wanted to use 1/2" or 1/4" stock and been forced to use 3/4".

    I don't have a bandsaw, or the $ to buy one, so I would like to resaw with my table saw. I've heard rumors about a jig that can be made to prevent kickback. Does anyone have pictures or plans of such a jig?

    Are there any other tricks to resawing with a table saw?

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    I've not seen or used a jig for this. You're limited to resawing 6" wide lumber with a TS.

    You do have to remove the blade guard and riving knife. Set your rip fence to the thickness desired, plus 1/8" (the wood will move after you resaw and you need to allow for this and you will need to joint this face). Raise the blade to 1/2" and take your first pass. Flip the board end for end and take the same cut on the opposite side. Raise the blade another 1/2" and repeat, raising the blade until the two opposing kerfs meet.

    Sticker the re-sawed board for a couple of days, then joint it.

    Be careful and think your cuts through before you make them. If your saw can't make the 1/2" cut, take a smaller bite on each pass.