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  • Planer or planer/jointer combo

    My husband wants a planer and a jointer. My question is should i buy him the planer/jointer combo or should i buy them both? Can the combo do the same as seperate units or what is the differance.

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    Re: Planer or planer/jointer combo

    There were very few quality combo units ever marketed, and I don't believe there are any currently on the market. I would suggest separate units. If you have a particular make/model in mind please post and we may be able to give you an informed opinion


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      Re: Planer or planer/jointer combo

      Welcome, Theklein5!

      There are models of jointer that are marketed as "planer/jointer". These are jointers. They have long, typically 6" or slightly wider beds. A planer will typically have a 12" or 13" (for the home user) widths, but the tables on either side are flip-up type that are mostly about 1foot in length on each end.

      A jointer is used to make the edges of a board flat and parallel to each other. A planer will make the width of the board flat and parallel to each other. Used in combination, you would first (usually) run the board edge through the jointer, then take the board to the planer. In this way, you end up with a board that is flat and straight and the edges are 90 degrees to each other. That's the plan anyways. I have, on occasion run a board flat across the jointer, but my results have never been great since the jointer bed is not very wide, and it's a difficult operation. It's impossible to plane the edges of a board in a planer.

      To get good results, you need both tools.
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        Re: Planer or planer/jointer combo

        I do not think I have seen a true combination unit since Parks made one and it had very short beds for the jointer. (as they used the same head for the planer and the jointer),

        I would suggest separate units, and the cost of the "portable planers" like most sell to day, is not that bad as in comparison to the old cast iron stationary units, ( I can not see how the quality can be there but the features are and they do a remarkable good job for what they are).

        I would suggest a 6" jointer if your getting one unless space is a major issue, yes 90% of the time you normally only use 3/4" of the blade, (board on edge) but you can move the fence across the blades to keep sharp cutting, and if you do need to face joint some thing any thing smaller is a joke, and the longer beds of the 6" are helpfull in my opinion.

        Wish I could justify a long bed 8" jointer.
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          Re: Planer or planer/jointer combo

          Why not just ask your husband what the make and model numbers are of the planer and jointer that he wants? Our opinions may vary from member to member but he's the one that knows what he really wants and more importantly needs. Tools can be a very personal thing so making the right choice the first time around can in the long run save big $$$.

          I totally agree with the previous posters that seperate tools is the way to go.
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            Re: Planer or planer/jointer combo

            Grizzly currently has several available. Google "Grizzly Industrial" and then search their site for "planer jointer." By the time you pay shipping for the 12" one, though, you're in the $2000-range. (With a spiral cutting head, it's around $2300.) You save space over two machines. However, the planer joint combos have shorter beds than a regular jointer, making it more difficult to joint and surface prep longer boards.

            For less than $2000 you can get an excellent lunchbox-type planer and an excellent jointer. Or you can even get a Grizzly 15" stationary planer and and excellent 8" jointer for less than that.
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              Re: Planer or planer/jointer combo

              Grizzly and Jet currently have 12" combo machines that have gotten pretty nice reviews.

              Here's my counsel: If you *really* love your husband, get him this combo machine.

              Ha! On a more serious note, the cost of a 12" combo machine, as Joe Spear mentioned, is about $2300, plus shipping costs. NOW, with that said, you are buying a 12" JOINTER (uncommon and expensive) and a 12" planer (common, and typically about $400-$500).

              So, what you're really buying is the space savings and the ability to joint very wide materials.. which is sometimes feasible and sometimes not (depending on the raw wood).

              In my tiny workshop, I wish I had a combo machine because these two machines take up about a third of my long wall... However, at the same time, I use my planer a lot more than my jointer and it's convenient to move a relatively lightweight machine instead of a behemoth. A combo machine really lends itself to a workshop where it can stay stationary and be used to its full capacity at any given moment.

              Grizzly 12":

              JET 12": (review)

              and a general discussion thread about these machines:


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                Re: Planer or planer/jointer combo

                It is nice to hear that you are wanting to do this for him . I agree with badger Dave . ask him , or when yall are at a building supply (HD,Lowes, watch him , see what he look at , if we pat it or rub our hand across it as we walk away we like it . it is like buing a car , we will kick the tires and look under the hood . no matter how you find out what he wants , he will be surprised and happy when you give them to him .


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                  Re: Planer or planer/jointer combo

                  I've seen the JET combo unit and it's nice. If floor space is an issue then the combo unit makes sence.
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