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New 3612 TS up and running!

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  • New 3612 TS up and running!

    I finally finished the assembly of my 3612 TS. All went well during the process, and thanx to those of you who gave me some hints. Turned it on and was amazed. Had to do only a couple of minor adjustments too. Good quality control.

    But, I noticed that the stock miter fence is set too low and it bumps the table when moving it forward onto the table. Is this normal? Can't find an adjustment to raise the cross piece. Help?

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    I ordered an extra and it did the same thing.
    I just took a file and on the outside corners on the bottom side filed it at a slight angle so it wouldn't catch.
    It works just fine now.

    It's machined on the bottom side, and don't think some of them get quite enough taken off of them. After filing I checked it with a square and I couldn't see a noticable amount of the face being off with the table top.
    Just one of the little things that is easy to slip though the cracks. The stops at 90 and 45 degrees were dead on out of the box.
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      Thanx for the tip.

      Also, I made some test cuts tonight, and all is good with the miter. But....I have a little problem with the ripping.

      I wanted to modify my panel cutting sled, so I took the old runners off, and made new ones for the 3612. No problem. Left a little extra on the blade side to trim square. The sled is MDF.

      When I ran it through, the blade started to bind halfway through, like it was either not sharp enough for the MDF, or the sled was putting too much sideways pressure on the blade. Got a little nervous, shut it down, then tried again. Same thing, only this time I kept going. A little burning but made it through.

      I also tested the rip fence. Cut a piece of 3/4 pine, just a small trim. Was fine until halfway through, then the blade became noisy, but I pushed it through. Seems that the sides came out pararel though.

      Any advice?


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        Check to be sure that your blade is aligned to the miter slot, and that your fence is also aligned to the miter slot. If you align the fence and the blade to the slot, they should automatically be aligned with each other.

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          Check the trunion alignment. My 2424 came perfectly aligned, however, the small allen set screws were not set. After a little mishap with the tip of a broken 1/8" drill bit embedded in a piece of wood I cut, it slammed WAY outa wack.
          I'm guessing the same is with your saw. Loosen the bolts and get out a T handle allen wrench, the one that came with the saw really limits turning the set screws. I used a small combination square to set the blade with the miter tracks, and after proplerly seating the set screws, I've had no problem.
          Be sure and set up the fence again and not only check it to the miter tracks, but put a straight edge against the blade that will reach from front to back of the table, being sure it doesn't hit any carbide tips, and check the fence against the straight edge as well.
          Adjustments are needed occasionlly, nothing to fear. The more familure you are with your saw, the better you can fine tune it and the better it will perform for you.
          John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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            I went through the blade heel alignment and now it is right on. Put the sled on and no problem. Tested the rip fence also. Cuts like butter. I think this is why I bought this saw.

            thanx to all for the tips. Nice of you to share your knowledge.