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TS3650 or 3660 size help....

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  • TS3650 or 3660 size help....

    I am building cabinets in my garage and one of the things I want to store under the bench is my tablesaw. I need to make sure I leave a wide enough space between the cabinets so this saw will fit. I don't have the saw yet. This is going to be my next purchase after a dust collector in a week or two. Right now I have a craftsman tablesaw and I know the Ridgid is bigger.

    If someone could please measure their saw and let me know how big of a space it needs I would be forever greatful. What I am most interested in is front to back and left to right measurements. Height would be a bonus.

    Thanks in advance everyone,

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    Re: TS3650 or 3660 size help....
    Go here and you can find the manual for the 3650


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      Re: TS3650 or 3660 size help....

      These numbers aren't exact but close;

      65½" Right To Left
      42" Front To Back Of Motor
      42" Floor To Top Of Blade Guard
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