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    OK OK OK.... I get it. I had asked about Radial Arm vs Table Saw mostly because I have access to a "Vintage" craftsman saw. It belonged to my late great uncle who really started me on the road to sawdust perdition. Thanks Uncle "Fats". "Fats", however, was missing the ends of several fingers and now I think I know why. He loved that RAS and used it every chance he got. I don't even remember him having a table saw in his shop. That RAS weighs about 400 pounds with the table. I don't think that there is one piece of plastic on the whole unit. I believe that it is the "old craftsman" that was quallity (c. 1955-1960). Even so, history and all, I will pursue a table saw.

    I have been web shopping and also to the big boxes and I have narrowed it down to two. Both Ridgid. The TS 2424 and the TS3612. One question. Besides the rip right capacity, what is the difference in these two saws?

    The other question is does anyone have plans to build a double fence gate. LOML is threatening to sell my boat with all this talk of a table saw. She seems interested in seeing what I can do with the saw, but the boat is in the garage where the saw would have to live. I suggested that we could put the saw in the living room and go for a "sawdust on the floor" motif in the decor. Got an hour in the penalty box (garage) for that one. Since I live in a sub-division with restrictions ad nauseaum, I can not just park the boat outside and I can not build a respectably sized shop in the back. Please help as I can not move on until I resolve some of these questions.

    Thanks for the help gents,

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    A lot of storage places will also rent outdoor space for boat storage


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      Compared to the TS2424 the TS3612 has a bit niftier fence and rail system and improved arbor adjustment. It also takes up a fair amount more real estate. You can download the manuals for both from this site and check out the details of the differences. I have had the 3612 for 6 months now and highly recommend it. My 1960's Craftsman RAS still has its place in the shop, though, for dado work and tricky cross cuts.
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        Not sure how a 3612 can take up more room than a 2424 since they both are the same size. Also, how big is the boat vs. the garage. The 3612 can be tucked away in a corner, or near the front of the boat by the hitch where there is far more room. In fact, I'd bet the right side rails would slide above the hitch mount and tuck in very nice.

        If you plan to get more tools, then I would suggest off site storage for the boat. in most communities you need to get permission from neighbors and surveys done to erect a fence.


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          The fence is in already. Wood privacy fencing that came with the house. I don't need to get anything to modify the fence just as long as it looks abou the same when I'm finished with the job. I do have a two car garage but the boat is a 15' V-hull and the roll-up door only clears the hitch by about 2".



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            The TS2424 is the older model, and TS3612 is the current model. The main difference is the rip fence. The TS3612 has a much improved fence over the TS2424.

            It is true that the TS3612 does take more space in the shop due to the fence rails extending past the right side, but you can store other things under them.

            IMO, I would go with the TS3612 simply because it is an improved saw over the TS2424. Also, IF you can find a TS2424 to buy, it will probably be the same price anyway. Why not get the better unit for the same money?

            Just picked up my TS3612 & set it up over the weekend. Setup is very straight forward, but time consuming since you want to make sure everything is accurate. I only had time to make a few cuts with it, but they were all perfect.