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  • Need to learn about tear out

    If anyone would like to contribute to my learning curve I'd sure like to hear about preventing tear/chip out on table sawing and routing. I'm picking up some tips like checking moisture content, some times where backing boards can be used, and others but I'm sure there are a lot more tips out there.

    I'd really like to find a web site or a book with a good section focused on this problem. If anyh of you have seen anything like this please let me know.

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    2 Best ways I know to prevent tearout is by buying a good blade and zero clearance tablesaw inserts.

    Good blades are Forrest Woodworker II as a general purpose blade for rips and crosscuts. I have a freud 50 tooth combo that I'm happy with too. Range from 50 - 100 bucks for a good saw blade. Some people like to have specific blades for each function One for ripping, one for crosscuts, diffferent blades for different materials. I don't like to change blade all the time so I just went with the Freud b/c it was available where I bought my saw and they have good reputations. Been happy so far.

    Zero clearance inserts are the blade guard wher the opening is only as wide as the blade itself. Typically they come without any opening and you make the cut with the blade in your saw.