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Scroll Saw vs Band Saw

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  • Scroll Saw vs Band Saw

    I have to ask this question not having worked with either one of these saws. Is there anything a scroll saw can
    do that a band saw can't? I really need the functionality of a scroll saw to cut decorative pieces while creating cabinets but I see myself getting into much finer detail work down the line. I was hoping the band saw
    could handle most of what a scroll could do so that I wouldn't have to bye both. Any insight would be appreciated.

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    A scroll saw will do the finer decorative work.
    Band saws are better for heavy work, not real tight designs.


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      A scroll saw can do one thing that very few bandsaws can, make a cut that is entirely on the "inside". A bandsaw has to start on the outside, unless you break the blade and re-weld it.

      As SCWood pointed out, very fine work is also the realm of the scroll saw.



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        Dave is correct. You can remove the blade on a scroll saw, insert it into a whole drilled into a piece of wood, and make tight corner cuts, small circles, and finely figured designs while keeping the wood solid around it.

        A band saw is good for resawing, cutting circles such as wheels, round table tops, decrative shelf brackets, etc. The band saw can not cut an inside design without breeching the surrounding area at some point.

        Both saws are limited by the size of the throat on the size of the wood you are working with. Manipulating the wood gives you the ability to use larger pieces. Cutting circles on the band saw is limited only by the size you can handle and support with stands or limitations of a circle jig.

        On a personal note, the band saw is a highly valued machine in my shop. I would not be without one. I also have the scroll saw, and certain things can only be done on the scroll saw. Good Scroll saws are readly available for under $200.

        Good luck, and I wish you much fun in your wood working projects.

        John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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          I used my scroll saw alot untill I bought my Band Saw!
          I don't do that much fine scroll work, and have found the band saw more to my liking. For the limited amount of scroll work I do, I just use a thin blade on the band saw.
          Rob Johnson
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