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  • Ryobi

    I just came from HD where I was looking at the TS36112 for 598.00. Ryobi sells a model BT3100 10" saw with a dual belt drive for 1/2 that price. Looks to me like the fence on the Ryobi is superior to the rigid. When I lock the rigid fence down I get about 025" free play on the downfeed end. When I locked the Ryobi down it was solid. I was also impressed with the wide mouth miter cut features on the Ryobi. Anyone have one of these saws?

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    I assume you're talking about the Ridgid TS3612.

    When correctly adjusted (diplay models seldom are), the Ridgid fence has absolutely no free play.

    Clearance price cuts into the ~$450 range have recently been reported on the on the TS3612. At that price, snap one up.


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      These people can help you:
      Ryobi BT3000 site


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        The BT-3100 is nowhere near the saw that the 3612 is. HD's doesn't set up any saw completely correctly...never has and probably never will.
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          At $300 vs. $600, you might pause for thought if it's a novice purchase.

          At $469, there is no doubt that the Ridgid 3612 is a better value for even see-if-I-like-it types.

          Motor. Iron top. Fence (HD can't set up a jobsite radio correctly, this is a better fence than the Ryobi). Blade guard. Everything is more better. I am not a Ryobi-basher (gawd, please don't lure them here) but at the prices out there now, this should be a slam-dunk.

          I am personally REALLY torn about snapping this deal up, or waiting on the 3650... been stalking this purchase for a long time.


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            Logic would tell you that there just might be a reason one saw is twice as much as the other!

            You will never regret getting the 3612. Besides, once you get to know the alignment procedures, you'll find it stays true----Mechanically----without all the plastic and nylon parts, it will outlast the Ryobi.


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              The difference is a Chevy pick-up vs. a Hummer 2.
              Both marketed by GM, but the Chevy won't do what the Hummer will. Either will get you to the market and back, but if you want the ability to go in the big weeds, take the Machine.
              Ask the man who drives one. You'll see that no one here will be wearing Ryobi Blue. If it doesn't blow the budget, get the Ridgid.

              Mark IV,
              If you have been stalking this purchase for a long time, you may want to wait for the TS3650.
              For $150 more than this sales price, if you can get all of the extra features and the new lifetime service warantee, I think it would be worth the wait.
              I have the TS2424 and won't be trading up anytime soon. I am very happy with the unit now that I have it set up as a 51/0. I would not trade it for a TS3612, I don't find significant difference between the two. But if I was waiting to make my purchase, I'd wait until October and cart the new one home, Orange paint and all.
              If it don\'t fit, force it. If it breaks, \'needed fixin\' anyhow. 8{~


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                It is actually driving me mad.

                Whether to save $130 on the thing I want, before they're all gone, or get the latest and greatest. It is hell to be both cheap and greedy.

                Brandman, wherefor art thou? What should I do?


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                  Mark IV,
                  BrandMan has been MIA the last two days. Truth be told, he's probably AWOL on a 5-day weekend.
                  Before you fret the remainder of your weekend away, answer some questions for yourself:
                  1) Is BrandMan paid to promote yesterday's news?
                  2) Would BrandMan rather see your post displaying your brand-new old saw, or would he rather see your gleaming hunk of Orange just in time for Holloween?
                  3) Would BrandMan rather see another same-ol' opinion of the TS3612, or a Brand-New OWT-Came-Thru-I-Told-You-So-Go-Buy-Your-Own review?
                  Save some more pennies and go get the TS3650 in October, beat the snot out of it 'til New Years, then 1) take it back rent-free, or 2) enjoy the lifetime service warantee.
                  And have a great 3-day weekend!
                  If it don\'t fit, force it. If it breaks, \'needed fixin\' anyhow. 8{~


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                    Yeah, I know. Thought maybe he'd spill some release dates.

                    My Inner Miser is screaming to get out, but The Child wants a 3650 'cept RIGHT NOW. The voices, the voices...

                    Thanks for the weekend wishes and the same back.