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  • packaging for a saw

    I just purchased a TS3650 saw and the packaging was terrible, all of the foam around the saw was busted.

    What a hassel to try and return a item like this, not to consider the time and the amount of weight to try and load back in my truck. Then the aggravation at the distributor.

    If you think you have a good product what about one of the most important impressions on the consumer. The condition in which you receive it.

    What do you think the first think I will be telling my friend, it was damaged when I got it.

    Great advertising !!!

    Vertic is still out on how well it performs.

    David Irvin

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    If the packaging was as banged up as you say it was, why in the world didn't you tell them to give you another saw before you loaded it on your truck and took it home. At the very least, you should have opened the box and checked for damage before accepting it. It's a hassle to have to return it but I doubt if you'll get any grief from HD once you point out the damage to the saw.
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      Most people will agree that RIDGID's packaging is a model for the industry. I bought my TS3650 about 5 weeks ago at HD. Upon getting it home, everything was immaculately packaged and in perfect shape. If your Styrofoam were that banged up, I would have to assume that the outside of the box was damaged as well. If that were the case, I would inspect such a product before taking it home. If the outside were in perfect shape, then we would have to assume that the product was damaged at RIDGID, and then put in a good box. That would be unlikely.

      Items that are freight damaged are not the fault of the manufacturer, although the manufacturer, in this case, RIDGID, should change shipping companies if they are having regular problems with a particular carrier. Likewise, Home Depot should inspect damaged boxes before selling the product.

      Ultimately, I have to agree with Badger Dave. Inspect the packaging before you take an item home with you.
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        Regardless of what the condition of the box looked like when you picked it up, the fact that the interior packaging was all busted up would make me take it back to HD immediately and get another. (Surely things must be banged up in there.) This time open it up in the store. It may be a hassle, but considering the cost of the machine, it certainly is in your best interest to do so.

        I have purchased several Ridgid and Ryobi tools(all TTI manufactured) and they are packaged extremely well in my opinion. Of course that's not to say that they can't be banged around in shipping or at HD.

        Take it back if you're not happy,



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          In the past 8 weeks, I have purchased all new Ridgid Tools-Jointer/Planer, Thickness Planer, TS3650 Table Saw, Band Saw, DP1550 Drill Press, Oscillating Spindle Sander. In each case, the packaging was the best I have ever seen. Ridgid does in fact, have the best packaging engineers in the business.
          If you accepted a beat up box just because it was maybe the last one left or whatever, that's your fault for accepting it in the first place.
          I open all my stuff in the parking lot to make sure it's perfect and all stuff is there.
          Blame the freight company-not Ridgid. The freight company combined with some pimple faced HD employee who doesn't give a crap about how the items are handled before and during the sale.
          Take the saw back if you are worried.