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  • New Rigid TS-3660

    I just assembed my new TS-3660. I'm a new wood worker and I intend to keep the blade guard in place for my safety. I'm doing a few rip cuts on some premium pine boards (I'm building my wife a potting bench) and I'm encountering something I don't understand. When I start the cuts, the board moves smoothly and easily. The board starts to become difficult to push just as it goes under the blade guard at the back of the blade. So difficult to push, in fact, that the pusher I bought keeps slipping off the board.
    I have waxed the wings and they seem slippery enough. ]Can smeone help me?

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    Re: New Rigid TS-3660

    Please be CAREFUL, if after the material exits the rear of the blade and boggs, binds or becomes noticably different, there is a PROBLEM. Could be the spliter is not in alignment with the blade or the fence is "pinching" the material against the blade, either or another could be happening with your saw. I would hope you take an hour or so and unplug your saw and discover what is out of alignment with your saw.


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      Re: New Rigid TS-3660

      What Richard$ said. Potential serious problem that could cause injury


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        Re: New Rigid TS-3660

        You need to stop using the TS until you have it aligned correctly.
        Either your fence is not parallel to the blade, your blade is not squared to the miter slot, and/or the splitter of the blade guard is not lined up with the blade.

        Sounds like you need to revisit(or visit if you have not been there already) the alignment chapter of the manual and do ALL the steps in the oder given, don' skip over any as each adjustment is dependent upon the previous settings. They must be done in order and they must a;; be performed. Maybe a couple years down the road when you are more familiar with the TS you will know enough to be able to read individual problems and be able to correct them, but for now as someone new to woodworking and this TS in particular do all the steps for your own safety.

        Not only will you be able to walk away with all your digits but you will not waste expensive material.

        Please do some searching in the Woodworking section of the Forums and you will find many helpful threads on setup of your saw.
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