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  • Woodworking

    I just completed a couple of Xmas gifts and would like to post the pictures for some constructive criticism and to get this forum back on talking about woodworking. Can anyone tell me how I post a link to a picture like some of the members have done in the past?

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    I’m not sure, but I think I remember somebody posting that you must put them on a website and paste a link to it. Hope you figure it out; I for one really appreciate your initiative on attempting to get this site back on the subject of making sawdust.

    Good luck



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      On the reply page you will see the tab "image". When you click on that a box will appear for you to paste the URL of the image. So you'll have to have the picture posted on the web somewhere else.
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        [img] [/img]

        This isn't a xmas present but it is a cradle I built. I'm just doing a test to see if I can get a picture on this post.

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          I have read somewhere that you must put http:// in front of a link for it to work. HTH
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            I'll try this again. This is a cradle I built for my new granddaughter. If I can get this to post I will follow with pictures of items I built for xmas in hopes that others will do the same.



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              I give up. I can't get the pictures to post after I put them out on the web.


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                gtheller,,,,,,,try the link below.. place your pics there, and then provide ( cut & paste) the link in your post

                Hope that helps. Would like to see your pics.
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                  GTH, go back and edit your first attempt. Add the http:// and get rid of the spaces between the [img] [/img] and the url. Like this [img] [/img] I deliberatly left off the http:// to show you

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                    Here is a picture of a table( one of two) I made for my wife.My first try at working with walnut. Walnut table


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                      It occurred to me that maybe I should have posted that pic on a new thread. Sorry, I did not mean to hijack the thread. By the way I just pasted the address of the pic under the URL button.


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                        I think I have this figured out but let me make a couple of comments. Thanks to all those who posted trying to help me get my link set up and the drill press table and the walnut table both look great.