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rip fence out of square vertically

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  • rip fence out of square vertically

    TS3650 ripfence vertical alignment.
    I just aligned the rip fence to the miter slot to with in .001 inch.

    I checked the vertical alignment, and it is not 90 degrees to the table.
    I rechecked with a different square to confirm and it is a couple of degress off.
    I do not see anything in the manual or on line about adjusting the rip fence vertically.
    I removed the 4 bolts that hold the fence on to see if dust or debris was under it, but it was clean. I also checked to make sure the front and back rails are parallel to the table top, and they appear to be.

    Is there a way to adjust the rip fence to be aligned with the blade vertically ( at 90 degress of course)?

    Any help will be appreciated.
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    Re: rip fence out of square vertically

    Never mind.

    I called Ridgid customer support, and they are sending me a new rip fence assembly.