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Hercu-lift Problem

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  • Hercu-lift Problem

    I bought a 3660 a couple of days ago and finally finsihed putting it together. I am having problems with the lift. The back wheels will not go down to the floor, only the front when the lift is engaged. I read through an old thread and did what they suggested and it didn't help. The bolts holding the assembly are loose as called for in the instructions. When I had them tighter the back wheels would come in contact with the ground but it was still extremely hard to move. The floor is a little uneven but not that much. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Brian

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    Re: Hercu-lift Problem

    this may sound stupid, but are the angle brackets that connect the lift to the leg stand right side up or upside down? the long bolts that attach the lift to the angle brackets must be very loose or the lift will appear to be inoperable. that was my problem the first time i tried the lift. loosened the bolts and it works like a charm.
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      Re: Hercu-lift Problem

      Is the Herc-U-Lift under the mounting brackets or on top of them? It is supposed to be under.
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