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    Will someone please tell me a good brand of router bits. I bought some off of ebay and they don't cut as smooth as I would like. They leave slivers hanging when I route a groove. They do ok when I route an edge like roundover. They didn't have a brand name on them. Being new to routing I haven't much experience with which bits are best. The ones at the major chains don't look much better than what I have. Thanks for any info.

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    The question is what is the best bit for the price you are willing to pay. The best bits I have are Whitesides. They work wonderfully.

    I also have some Freud, MCLS, and Bosch. The Freud and MCLS work great for everything I have tried them with. The MCLS are very reasonably priced and when you are ordering them from the internet the people who deal with you at the MCLS site are great to work with. Good Luck.


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      This could be pages of information. Instead of listing brands, a little light shead could be worth more than brand names.

      First, the low cost bits is a sign of lower grade carbide. Dulls faster and easer, especially in grain changes and knots.

      Keep the bit clean. Some woods contain pitch, or creasode; gummy build up on the bits. Holds heat, causing accelerated dullness. At first sign of build up, clean the bit.

      Don't run at bit non stop, again a heat thing.

      You can get inexpensive diamond files to help keep the bits sharp. A burnisher before each use will do wonders. Or a ceramic stick.

      I agree with Spowell, MLCS makes some large bit sets that are very economical, and good bits for general applications. High profiles that are hard to sand is better done with a renowend bit.

      For joinery, you can buy sets of quality bits at a bargin price from most manufactures. If your a "buy a bit as you need it" type person. HD carries the Viper line, and are surprisingly good, pricey, but not as bad as some.
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        I agree with Spowell that Whiteside makes excellent bits. After getting mixed results with various different other brands, I started buying only Whiteside awhile back and have not been disappointed. They are well worth the little extra they cost.
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          I've had good luck with Amana bits, they cut like a hot knife through butter and don't seem to wear out.


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            I have had good luck with MLCS in both softwoods and hardwoods. They also carry Katana bits......a bit more pricey, but good.

            Have been doin business with mlcs for many years and thier service is always great.
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              whoops....forgot to give ya the link in previous post for mlcs

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                Ok, I'll give in.

                CMT, Freud, viper, Katana and Amana bits...

                Hickory, MLCS, Price Cutters and Woodline...

                Respectively, these are the bits I have experience with; great, good.

                I also have experience with Grizzly bits, which I will never buy another.
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                  Thanks for all the replys. I appreciate it. I will look for some of these bits and give them a try.


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                    If you do mail-order (or buy off the internet) Whitesides aren't much more expensive than MLCS. That is unless you are purchasing the MLCS in a huge set.

                    Good places for Whiteside bits are:

                    Note that the prices from both of these websites are much lower than Woodcraft's routerbit of the month even!

                    I can tell a slight difference between Whiteside bits and MLCS's regular line.