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Nail Size for Framing Nailer

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  • Nail Size for Framing Nailer

    This may be an obvious question to most, but I just purchased a framing nailer for light use framing (enlarging closets, enlarging doorways, adding section of deck, etc.). What is the proper size nail to use with a framing nailer, 2 3/8" or 3"??

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    For general framing you would use a 3 /12" nail and for light work like door frames and such go with 2 3/8"
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      Use nothing smaller that a 3" nail if you are going through 1 1/2" stock. I myself would use 3 1/2" nails. For toe nailing, you can use 2 1/2" nails. Same for going through 3/4" wood. I would use 3" nails for nailing through 5/4 stock.



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        Let me re-phrase what I said about toe nailing. If you have to toe nail a joist into a header, or anything that is going to support weight, use 3 1/2" spikes. Use the 2 1/2" nais to toe nail studs into shoes and plates.