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Just received my Incra miter 5000 with sled

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  • Just received my Incra miter 5000 with sled

    I just got it,for my 3612, and started to assemble it and noticed one thing. The miter bar seems a little tight in the miter slot even after completely removing the adjusting screws. Anybody have any help or comments? Also any other tips or advice on assembling it would be appreciated.

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    rafael, when you get an answer, please post back. I have a similar problem with a self-built sled with the incra miter bar. I was going to contact incra or woodpeck's but never did.


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      This was a topic several times. The Ridgid Tracks are just a wee bit narrow than standard. I had a similar problem with my tenon jig. Most suggest to file the bar, I chose to file the track. While filing the bar will make that bar fit, you'll have to file every bar or jig. Filing the track is a one time deal, then everything will fit.

      Just my opinion.
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        The incra manual says that sears craftsman tracks are slightly narrower than standard and that some of the discs in the miter bar shoud be removed and replaced by smaller discs. But this is not craftsman. The incra people are of no help. I called them and they said they have no knowledge of issues with ridgid, but that it will work with a standard miter slot. I think they are lying, they will not name brands or models that their product will work with, they just keep saying "standard miter slot", I think a parrot works there.


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          Craftman and Ridgid have similarities since Ridgid made Craftman for years. I would try the reccomendation for craftman.


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            The old Craftsman saws were built by Ridgid, thus the reason the both have narrower slots. I agree with Woody, if you are not going to use your standard miter gage, file the slot to fit the slide.
            Can someone help me install this blade!!!!!!


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              Just came from the shop. Another reason I would suggest filing the slot, and not the bar. I used my tenon jig on my router table, which is standard slot. Also, a T-Slot. A filed bar will be a bit sloppy in a regular slot. If you file the bar, and not the slot; if you upgrade to a better saw, you'll be replacing the 5000 as it will be a bit sloppy in a regular slot.

              The way I see it, any way you look at it, the saw is off size. Size the saw, and anything will work, and interchange. Size the bar to the saw, and you have a commitment. Change saws, change accessories.

              I've yet to change my miter gauge, and it doesn't bind or have slop. It does rock in the track side to side, but it did new. It's not a T-Track, so it's expected.
              John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                I had the same problem. The newer 5000 has two sets of plastic washers along the length of the miter bar to adjust its width. The black washers are fixed width, and the white washers are cut (like lock washers) so their width can be "tuned" by tightening the screw.

                Incra's directions suggest that for narrow miter slots, you should swap out the black washers for a set of white washers. That combination was still a little wide for my 2424. I got a nice fit by simply removing the set of black washers and adjusting the remaining white ones.

                The manual for the 5000 is posted on Incra's web site ( Adjusting the washers (or "expansion mechanisms," as labeled in the manual) is illustrated under "assembly."