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best table insert?

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  • best table insert?

    I am looking for a good material to use for a router table insert. As it stands I am going to be building two tables. I've magaged to find ~1/2"x12"x24" inch acrylic for only $20 or am I better off with a 3/8"x12"x24" phenolic (garolite grade xx) for a cost of $25. Now cost is going to be a big factor for me, so I will be cutting costs wherever I can. Is it really worth the extra money to get the phenolic sheet? or are the two products fairly comparable?
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    At the prices you are talking about, it might be better to just purchase an insert. For example, click this link to Northwest Power Tools. They have a Rousseu 3509 insert for $29.

    This is a highly recommended insert and the one that I use. It has removable inserts so you can match the opening to the bit size. And it includes a starter-pin which is needed for freehand bearing work.

    You can skip the template and save a few bucks, (you will need to make one for you home made insert as well).

    -Ready to go, no fabrication needed,
    -Removable inserts
    -Smallest opening can accept standard PC router guides
    -Includes starter-pin

    Cons for building your own:
    -Needs fabrication
    -Need to purchase and install a starter pin
    -Bit opening is fixed. Must build several inserts
    -Not much savings at the prices you mention

    I'm sure there are lots of other inserts of similar price and features.


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      I've used the Rousseau for a while now and love it. Only thing you need to do is give the red ring a light sanding with 100 grit to make it easier to get in and out.


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        A commercial plate like the Rousseau is nice for the multiple bit openings and other goodies. If you want to go really cheap though, just laminate some thinner acrylic. I got some 1/8" acrylic for free and glued it up with some plastic model cement to make 3/8". This made some inexpensive, sturdy router bases for edging and large bits.


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          I remember a discussion some time ago and someone stated they used this stuff with favorable results as an economic alternative for router table inserts, I kept the link but have never used the product or source.


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            Thanks for the link Woodslayer! That stuff appears to be good cutting board material and I've been looking for a 24" long piece to slice up standard size paper stock for my large format inkjet printer.

            P.S. I should have added where I found free acrylic. It was from a trophy/engraving shop. They sometimes make mistakes on signs and they just throw it away.