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TS-3650 outfeed table

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  • TS-3650 outfeed table

    I am in the process of building the hinged outfeed table that Cutbuff posted on the forum for my TS-3650 and have a couple questions...

    1. Did anyone who mounted this design on a 3650 have to lengthen the handle on the bevel adjustment? It seems that unless I notch the mounting bar I will have to make the handle longer.

    2. Are you able to set the bevel on the saw at 45? On the 3650 when the blade is set at 45 the motor is nearly even with the saw top which will hit the fixed table.

    Am I missing some easy fix here? Thanks in advance for you help.

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    Here's a desogn I found on Al Amaral's Wood Shop Page (don't think he is a member of this forum) using Google to search for "Table Saw Outfeed Table".

    Also check out the restoration of a 1944 Unisaw he did, photos are kinda rough but looks like he did a nice job.

    Here's another outfeed table, known as the RipMate, but the link from this person's page to their site does not work (not found). Anyway this guy has some good photos that will surely give people here some ideas to incirporate into their own designs.

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