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Making band saw and planer mobile

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  • Making band saw and planer mobile

    I have just begun to stock my workshop and have limited space. I have the Ridgid Table Saw and it came with a mobile lift which is great. I also have a planer which is on a mobile table. I made my drill press mobile with plans someone posted on another forum. What I need to know is has anyone ever replaced the rubber leveling feet on the Ridgid planer and band saw with locking casters. I found some 3" locking casters with a 1/2" stud which I hope to use. Has anyone done this and how did it work out.


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    Bruce the stand that came with my Ridgid planer didn't have leveling feet but if yours does you should be able to put casters in their place. I tried casters on my Ridgid jointer and one side collapsed. I made a base for it with two pieces of 3/4" plywood and casters. I don't know about the drill's heavier and is somewhat top heavy. I have my Delta band saw on a Shop Fox base now and it's ok but I'm going to make another base like I have under my jointer and move the band saw to it because I find my shop made bases are easier to move. .


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      I can't remember if it was at this BB or another but I recently saw a post about a base made out of 2x4's. IIRC, it was for a jointer but I don't see why it wouldn't work for a DP. What the writer did was cut some 2x down to the length he wanted then he planed and jointed them. He then glued all the pieces together and installed four locking casters on the bottom. Pretty clever idea and it certainly could handle the weight. In order to make sure that the DP doesn't end up being top heavy, I'd err on the side of making the base fairly large, say 24x24.

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        I put locking 3" casters on my band saw with no problems. It is easily moved with no apparent top-heavy issues. I have a planer that I plan on putting casters on, but the legs look like they have plastic or nylon caps on the legs that the caster should go through. So, for the planer, I plan on using Badger Dave's suggestion there.