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  • Setting up home shop

    I have a 28 by 15 foot area that I would like to set up a woodworking/hobby shop in. Does anyone have any suggestions on books or literature that would help me place macinery,assembly tables, storage shelving,cabinets and such.
    If anyone should have a similar sized shop I would also like to know if I should look towards the full sized machines(with shop fox type wheels) or should I consider bench top or portable machines because of shop size.

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    Though I don't know of any books that help with shop set up (maybe someone else does), I would recommend sitting down with a pad of graph paper and map out your space. Stop by your local tool store or Home Depot with a tape and measure the foot print of the tools you are interested in purchasing. Use the graph paper to lay out your shop. I would encourage you to get stationary tools where ever space (and money) permits. The size and power of these larger tools will make life easier in the long run. Anyone else have any suggestions?

    Oh and one more thing, make sure you have plenty of electrical power and plenty of outlets.



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      How's about "The Workshop Book", by Scott Landis, published by Taunton Press, for a bunch of mostly high-end shops. Although it has some pretty good information, this is really more of a coffee table book. But, where else can you see pics and the floor layout of Mark Duginske's shop?

      A bit more realistic is "Setting Up Shop", by Sandor Nagyszalanczy (I will buy this book for anyone who can come up with a way for me to remember how to spell Sandor's last name). Also from Taunton Press.

      Stationary tools. If it means you have to walk sideways through part of the shop, stationary tools.

      Dave "Someone Else" Arbuckle


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        Here is some software from WOOD magizine that may help [img]smile.gif[/img]


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          Here are some shop ideas from Wood magazine


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            Thanks to all for your tips. I've got the pencil and paper in hand and a few ideas in the old nogggin'. Now.....if anyone has any ideas of how to print up....say 2 or 3 hundred thousand dollars.....!!!!!
            thanks to all again


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              I set my shop in a 15 X 15 area with full size tools.
              Jet 18" bandsaw, Ridgid 6" jointer, Router table, 12' work bench, Radial arm saw, Jet 650 dust collector, Ridgid 16" scroll saw, Campbell Hausfield 60 gal vertical 7 hp compressor, Ridgid 12" lathe, 16" floor drill press, 2- 3' X 2' 6' tall tool cabinets and the Jet 10" tablesaw with two cast wings and the 30" exacta fence on a mobile base.
              Oh yea, don't forget my easy chair and 5' woodworkers bench.
              Believe me. IT CAN BE DONE and extremely useful.